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It Hurts

I’m looking at you and I saw your empty eyes looking at nothing
It makes me frowned while asking you in silent, “What’s wrong with you dear?”

I’m looking at you and saw your tears falling like a shiny pearl
It makes me cry so much inside
Though the tears doesn’t falls from my eyes

I’m coming to you asking what had happened to you
You just smile dryly and said, “It’s nothing. I’m okay.”

But I know that you’re now trying to hide your pain deep inside your heart

I’m looking at you while you still trying hard not to make me worry

But the harder you try hiding your pain, the harder my heart will be crying and harder for me to breath

The harder you try to hid it, the harder I could feel the pain and tightness that you felt in silent and your dry smile you showed me

I don’t know why do I always felt awful and broken every time I know that you bear something painful inside you by yourself

And I also have no idea why every time I see your tears falling from your reddish bright eyes, my heart’s broken bit by bit

What I know is that it will hurts me most every time I realized that I can’t do anything to ease your pain

Because I know that I’m a stranger for you
And nobody puts their heart in a stranger’s sleeves

But I just want you to know, though you will never let your pain known by me, that I love you

Yeah, I love you and I mean it :’)

Finished at a dessert
Friday, 7th March 2014 | 7:38 PM