Howdy Hey-Ho!

It’s been a long time ago when I write my own last post here. I still have difficulties to write in English, that’s why I never post anything here. This blog is only become my space to reblogging any interesting post on WordPress.

This is not the only blog that I neglect. My primary blog which is written in Bahasa is also haven’t had any new post since July. Such a bad blogger eh? Just imagine how bad am I that only write 7 posts during 2015. And now it’s already November!

Hope I’ll write more post in my primary blog and here. I feel that my writing has improving since the last post.



Practice Makes Perfect

Last Monday (23/6) afternoon I was wandering around with Kyle by car. I don’t know where we would go at that time. So I kept looking to the street sides we passed through car window from my seat. Continue reading

Happy Happy!


This is my officially first post in this blog. And I’m gonna post something related to my birthday. Simply because today is my birthday. ^^

So 21 years ago, on this date of this month, an extraordinary baby girl named Sherly was born to this ordinary world. And now the extraordinary baby girl has grown up. But as Britney Spears says, she is not a girl anymore but not yet a woman too.

Now what she has to do is to live her life on her 20’s phase. To be cliche, she has to be a better person in her 21. Better than when she was 20.

Well, happy birthday to me. Wishing I have all the best in my 21 year-old life. 🙂

Cheers! ^^