Practice Makes Perfect

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What Should You Prepare To Be a Successful Journalist?

This essay I made for my final test on last semester’s final exam. Suggestion are welcome~ ^^


Nowadays, demands of information grows significantly. That is one of the reason why journalism major in IISIP become the most popular major to be studied for anyone who interested to journalism in Jakarta. Journalism isn’t hard to be learned. But it is suggested that journalism students have to prepared theirselves to be a great journalist. These are three things which every journalism students have to prepared to be a successful journalist.
First, it requires a strong will to be a successful journalist. Because only with a strong will achieve something, in this case to be a successful journalist, you will passing through the way to success easily and without wary. Beside, a will is needed to make you always focused to your goal.
Second, a successful journalist-soon-to-be have to prepared their mental to face any difficulties along their journey. Difficulties will always haunt everyone who wants to achieve success. But if you had a good mental-state when faced with one, you’re gonna have courage to counter it.
Last but not least, to be a successful journalist you have to widening your knowledge and be an open-minded person. This is the most important you have to prepare. Because journalist seems to know most of all things. And people count on them to get any important information they need. If a journalist has narrow knowledge, the story they cover won’t be reliable to public.
Those are three things a journalism student has to prepare to be a successful journalist. Without one of them, you won’t be a successful journalist. Just being a good one. Why get a minimum result if you can get a maximum one?