5 Productivity Tools That Will Change Your Life

Apps and tools to help procrastinator finishing their task.

Samantha Davis

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Above cafeteria food, all-nighters, and bad roommates, lies one of the biggest problems in a college student’s life: procrastination.

Battling the lack of motivation is not an easy task. It requires determination and focus, things that many students are too exhausted to dig up.

Here’s a secret that helped me during my college years: there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help.

The following tools are not simply to-do lists – they turn unfinished work into achievable goals. Each app uniquely motivates and helps users get things done.

1.      Do It – Or Else


The following apps employ the use of fear as a motivator. In Write or Die, the user must continue typing or face the consequences – either a popup box shaming you for your distraction or having to watch your work “unwrite” itself.

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